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DININGWe offer you 3 hearty home cooked meals from a kitchen managed by professionals who have cooked in Tahiti, Sydney, Auckland, Hong Kong and Seoul.

Breakfast and lunch are offered under the thatched roof of our beachside restaurant: Kakula Breeze.

Our buffet lunches are built around scrumptious BBQ, succulent smoked meats and grilled ocean-fresh fish coupled with delicious sides and healthy salads.                                          


Family-style, sit-down European, Chinese or Southeast Asian dinners are served either at the Kakula Breeze or back at the Lodge.



Our menu changes with what is in season, but here are some of our favorite dishes:



Western breakfast:
free range farm eggs, local bacon, fresh baked bread, seasonal fruits (we always have our own bananas and 2 kinds of papayas), and local yogurt with local honey.

Asian breakfast:
congee with scallion pancakes, steamed buns with vegetables, homemade pickled cabbage, eggs just as you like it, and all the fruits you can eat.



BBQ lunch at the beach is served buffet style. We offer a choice of grilled local organic beef and the catch of the day seafood.  We prepare green salad from our neighbor’s organic vegetable garden.  We make wonderful pasta salads and amazing mashed potatoes.

For the Asian stomach, there are fried rice noodles with vegetables, lean meats or seafood.  Fresh Southeast Asian basil and local prawn spring rolls, and Taiwanese style braised beef noodle.



Start with some fresh tuna sashimi with our secret sauce

Try our Middle Eastern mezze: hummus, baba ganoush, tabbouleh, and laban cucumber

Roasted Veal with seasonal vegetables and mashed potato

Five Spiced Smoke Duck with Shitake mushroom and stir fry Bok Choy

Cuban pork with cilantro spiced black beans and fragrant rice serve with sour cream


How about dessert?

Seasonal ice cream and sorbet served with warm dark chocolate brownies

Homemade Kakula banana custard tart with a dash of liqueur

Almond tofu with Kakula papaya drizzled with organic local honey